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物流可以运到我的国家吗? 费用是怎样的?

货柜国内费用: 小柜4389元,大柜5529元

货柜国际价格查询: 登录

拼箱价格以每立方计算, 约为货柜价1.2倍(含目的港费用, 为CIF报价)

我司可制作FTA关税特惠证, 详询销售

Can you ship to my country?

Yes. You can check your shipping cost and time on the website: . Here is the tutorial video: Consult your sales and you can get a discount on the shipping cost. As a manufacturer that endeavours to bring joys and fun to the world in a sustainable way, we also provide COO for clients for free so you can get tariff preferences when importing children’s play sets. If you have any questions, pls consult your sales for more details.


Your Service Flow


我司设计费用标准为亲子乐园10元/平, 蹦床拓展5元/平; 如下单可全额返还; 需要保养或在旧有设备基础上更新设计时, 提供免费设计服务.

初次合作设计流程: 1. 淘宝下单 2. 提交CAD 3. 确定方案方向 4. CAD规划 5. 3Dmax建模设计 6. 确认和修改(确认下单前可免费修改2次)

3D Design

A: Our design charge is $2 per square meters (10.76 square feet). For trampoline parks, the fee is $1 per square meter (5.38 square feet). You will be refunded if the manufacture contract is signed. You will also receive free design services when you want to upgrade or renew your playground after a few years.
Your design process with us:
  1. Order on Alibaba or Taobao
  2. Submit your CAD to our sales
  3. confirm the design theme with our sales
  4. Our designer makes a 2D plan
  5. Our 3D design makes a rendering
  6. Adjustments ($100 each time, 2 times for free) 


How will the installation be done for my playground?


国际可联系当地安装公司, 或国内安排师傅上门, 具体费用销售协助客户跟进

We can send our professional installers to your address. We also help our clients arrange local installers. Normally, the installation cost is ~$10 per square meter. You can consult the sales for detailed fees in your country.



为响应国家对碳中和的倡议, 修江鼓励客户在设备陈旧时, 仅购买必要配件进行更新, 修江会在产品原价基础上给予8折折扣, 同时不另收设计服务费; 重新采购新品按原价征收, 设计改造费用详询对接销售

In response to the national initiative on carbon neutrality, Xiujiang encourages customers to buy only necessary accessories to update when the equipment is outdated. Xiujiang will give a 20% discount on the basis of the original price of the product, and does not charge additional design service fees; repurchase new products will be levied at the original price, and the design and renovation fee will be inquired.

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