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30 - 60 square meters of naughty fort how to design better?














Mr. Li, who came to Xiujiang for a field trip, said: “I went to see a few naughty fortress, about a hundred square meters in area. I really can not find a suitable site, it was easy to find a fairly good site, but the area is only 60 square meters. I want to ask, 60 square meters will not be too small? Suitable for operating naughty castle?”

Small area of the naughty fort in the design can take full advantage of the height of the floor

Mr. Li’s problem is very common, Xiujiang customers have a lot of examples of this small area, and some sites only 30-40 square meters. Our designers have their own solutions for such small area sites. The following points are the opinions given by our designers for various actual cases.

1. can make full use of the advantages of the floor height

Xiujiang in the naughty fort design and production has a wealth of experience, there have been cases of two, three layers of naughty fort. xiujiang naughty fort bracket using the outer diameter of 48mm galvanized international steel pipe, the wall thickness of 2.2mm, quite solid solid; platform are using high-density sponge Including thick multi-layer plate made of; surrounded by the use of high-density protective net. Multiple security, customers can rest assured that the purchase.

Small and delicate naughty fort, very suitable for the use of a relatively small area of the site

2. Choose a small volume of playable or for multiple people to play together naughty fort equipment

Xiujiang designers remind us that the choice of small volume of naughty fort equipment must focus on playability, playability is too poor naughty fort equipment not only can not save space, but will waste the limited space. In addition, can be for more than one person to play together naughty fort equipment for small venues is also a good choice, such as the ocean ball pool and sand pool and so on. Not only can effectively avoid children scrambling for toys, but also in the invisible increase in the capacity of customers.

This is a mini naughty fort, although small but the basic function of playing fun has not been reduced in any way

3. To leave enough space for children’s activities

Many operators can not avoid the “naughty fort equipment the more the better” misconception. xiujiang designers tell you: naughty fort equipment can not fill too full, must leave enough space for the child’s activities, especially the small site of the naughty fort. This can effectively reduce the occurrence of safety accidents, but also to allow children to play smoothly.

Naughty fortress is small but all the guts, all kinds of play equipment, small space also contains a big fun.

The small site of the naughty fort although there is a small capacity, naughty fort equipment and other disadvantages, but there is no shortage of input, easy to manage and other advantages. xiujiang naughty fort case, small site of the naughty fort are operating quite well, there are many examples of success.

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