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How can I get my child to "wind down" when school starts?


“The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.


“My son’s biological clock is turned upside down when he goes to bed in the early hours of the morning and gets up at noon. Whenever the school year starts, he does not want to go to school, all kinds of tantrums, really worried about me.”


Summer and winter can be said to be the children’s carnival season. Without the constraints of school, children are indulging in all kinds of things, hating themselves for not having the skills to split up. Play games, watch cartoons almost all of their holiday life, learning has long been thrown away by them to the clouds.


It’s the beginning of the school year, and children are thinking about the cartoons they haven’t finished watching, the bosses they haven’t defeated, the toys they haven’t played with, the snacks they haven’t eaten —— and the winter vacation homework they haven’t finished. The bear children in order to avoid punishment is also eight immortals to show their skills, a variety of farce constantly staged. For example, the elementary school students did not complete their winter vacation homework, but lied about being framed by thieves; 13-year-old girl lied about being knocked unconscious and kidnapped, but because the summer homework was not completed? The winter vacation homework is not completed, bear children beaten after taking his brother away from home —— such news is common, but also let the parents distressed.


For the child can not complete the winter vacation homework, many parents can not help but give the child a violent beating. But when it comes to beating your child, as parents, have you thought about your own problems? The family is equivalent to the child’s second classroom, without a good learning environment, how can children quietly learn? Therefore, I suggest that parents, during the winter and summer holidays to care more about their children, to supervise their children, to help children develop good habits and learning attitude, rather than scolding children towards the beginning of the school year.


One, set an example


Many parents ask their children to read books and do homework on the one hand, and play games and watch TV on the other. If you can’t do it yourself, what reason do you have to ask your child to do it? So, parents ask their children to do their homework, you can tutor next to them, or read books and newspapers. Only when you set an example, your words will have prestige and persuasive power.


Second, supervise your child to develop good habits


Children are less self-disciplined, so parental supervision is especially important. During the winter break, parents should always supervise their children and help them develop good habits, for example, waking up on time, doing homework on time, and cleaning up their own rooms —– Good habits help children enter the study state as soon as possible after the school year begins.


Third, let reading books become a habit


Sowing behavior, reaping habits. Sowing habits, reaping character. Sow character and reap destiny. Habits are cultivated through years and years of behavior. Parents can usually buy books for their children according to their interests, read them together with their children, discuss them together, and help their children develop the habit of reading books. When reading a book becomes a habit for the child, the child will take the initiative to read books.


Fourth, take your child to play in the children’s playground


The education of children should be a combination of work and rest, children tired of reading books, or the day’s homework task is completed, you can take the child out to relax, so that children do not have an aversion to learning. There are more children of the same age in the children’s playground, so children can learn from each other in the process of playing and make progress together. In addition, the children’s playground is designed for children fitness, sports, fun and equal to one of the children’s activity center, it can save children from the poison in the cell phone computer, but also to achieve the role of physical fitness, brain health.


























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