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Xiujiang Naughty Fort children's park area division














Xiujiang Naughty Fort children’s park area division

Naughty Fort belongs to a new type of park, the planning is more reasonable, more suitable for children of all ages to play, not only to improve the physical ability of children, but also to exercise also the psychological and social skills. Golladay is a manufacturer of naughty fort, in order to give you a better understanding of the naughty fort park, give you an introduction to the regional division of the naughty bag.

leisure viewing area

This area can account for 20% of the total area of the children’s park, for parents can easily see the children playing in each area, can see the children playing from all angles, built-in tables and stools, can be used for leisure and entertainment can also read a book to rest.

Naughty Castle play area

Usually ordinary naughty fort area, formed separately, by the safety net and the main frame around; containing dozens of children can exercise physical strength, coordination and intellectual projects, such as drilling holes, a log bridge, etc.; here the children can play some small all kinds of competition projects. It is conducive to children to give full play to the vitality and imagination, while having fun, the body to get aerobic endurance calcination; conducive to meet the children’s competitive, not willing to lag behind, the courage to explore and other psychological requirements, so that children are more healthy, happy and smart growth.

Children’s development area

Children’s development training is designed according to the characteristics of children, through the scientific three-dimensional combination to form a set of play, sports, intellectual development, fitness as one of a new generation of children’s activities center. Meet the children drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swinging, jumping, shaking, a variety of needs.

Parent-child playground area

This area is mainly a comprehensive intellectual development zone, the area can be set up with sand pools, beach toys, puzzles, blocks and other types of classic toys, where children can enjoy these things while interacting with parents, to promote parent-child communication between children and parents.

Trampoline play area

Trampoline can exercise one’s whole body movement ability and sense of balance, and trampoline can promote bone development, enhance children’s movement ability and balance coordination ability, promote whole body blood circulation, improve immunity, exercise leg muscles, cerebellar balance system and brain nervous system development.

Service space area

The service space provides good service to every parent and offers various support to enhance the stickiness and customer satisfaction of the indoor children’s amusement park.

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