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How much does it cost to open a 200 square meter indoor children's playground in the mall?


For indoor children’s playground investors, the concern is undoubtedly how much money to invest in the problem. So, how much money do you need to invest in a 200 square meter indoor children’s playground in the mall?


The first thing we need to know is that there are pre-investment funds and post-investment funds to open an indoor children’s playground. The first stage of capital investment is the money that needs to be invested before the opening of the business, and it also needs to be prepared by the investor in advance. The latter is the cost of operating the indoor children’s playground, which can be paid with the income from the business. So, we are here to say that the capital investment is mainly the initial capital investment.


The forest theme style indoor children’s playground with green as the main color, the whole naughty fort looks like the early spring earth, showing a vibrant scene.


In general, indoor children’s playground pre-financing mainly consists of site rental costs, play equipment purchase costs, site decoration costs and publicity costs. 200 square meters of indoor children’s playground requires pre-investment funds can also be estimated according to these aspects.


A, site rental costs


The indoor children’s playground, the pen site rental costs are required to be set aside in advance. This cost is related to the economic level of the city where the mall is located and the way the mall rents are paid.


To the second and third-tier cities of the mall, for example, the mall’s site rent is generally 30-60 yuan / square meter / month, 200 square meters of site rent is about 6000-12000 yuan. If the payment method is in accordance with the quarterly payment (deposit of one to three), then the site rental costs are about 24,000-48,000 yuan.


The main color of yellow castle theme style such as the royal palace like magnificent


Second, the purchase cost of amusement equipment


The purchase cost of amusement equipment is the main focus of indoor children’s playground investment. The play equipment of Xiujiang is based on the equipment to quote, that is, how much you want to invest in equipment, the customer said.


According to the past cooperation cases of Xiujiang, the purchase cost of equipment for a 200 square meter indoor children’s playground is about 100,000 to 200,000. If investors are afraid of exceeding their budget, they can tell the designer their financial budget in advance. This way, the designer can use this as a basis to consider what kind of play equipment should be placed and how much play equipment to place.


The castle theme style indoor children’s playground in light pink and light blue is just like a castle in a fairy tale, like a dream.


Three, site decoration costs


The indoor children’s playground site decoration can be divided into simple and fine decoration two cases. If the preliminary funds are not particularly sufficient, then you can first simple decoration, but need to pay attention to the floor mats, lighting, plumbing, walls, bathrooms, doorways, etc., these are the basic and essential decoration content. If the simple decoration, 200 square meters of indoor playground is also like 30,000 to 50,000 yuan. If the initial funds are sufficient, then, you can also consider the store decoration more characteristic some, so for the whole amusement equipment can also play the effect of the finishing touch.


In order to break the monotony of white, the ice theme indoor children’s playground added blue and some other relatively clean and bright colors


The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. In the case of children, the fun and playability of the play equipment is an important aspect for them to consider. The indoor children’s playground decoration is beautiful again, but also need to have to match this decoration style of play equipment.


Four, publicity costs


The publicity and momentum before the opening of the indoor children’s playground has a non-negligible role in the later operation. Only the publicity in place before the opening, after the opening can be full of customers, to present customers a lively and extraordinary play scene, but also to attract more customers. For indoor children’s playground, direct and cost-effective publicity is the DM advertising, spend a few hundred dollars is enough.


The space naughty fort incorporates a variety of space elements such as flying saucers and rockets, which look extra cool


Comprehensive these look, 200 square meters of indoor children’s playground investment capital is probably between 200,000 to 500,000. However, the mall traffic is relatively large, as long as the proper operation, money is not a problem. The general indoor children’s playground in six months can pay back, business is particularly good, two or three months back to the capital is not uncommon.






































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