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How much is 2022 new naughty castle equipment offer?


Naughty Fort belongs to a one-time investment, long-term return of the sale, for the naughty Fort investors, nothing more concerned than the initial capital investment. Generally speaking, the pre-investment of naughty fort operators mainly include site rent, site decoration costs, equipment acquisition costs and the preliminary publicity costs, and equipment acquisition costs are the mainstay of the entire investment, but also the concerns of investors. So, the new 2022 Naughty Fort equipment probably need how much money? Here I will make a question and answer for everyone.


The investors who came to Xiujiang consultation are such doubts, naughty fort offer in the end should be calculated according to square meters it or according to the equipment to count. Generally speaking, the high Lodi naughty fort is in accordance with the naughty fort equipment to quote, the choice of equipment different quotes naturally different, it may be the same area, but the price is not the same. This quotation method is more open and transparent compared to the square meter quotation, more detailed. Now there are many unscrupulous manufacturers on the market with ridiculously low so-called square meter unit price to lure customers. When the product comes out, investors only find that there are only a few sets of amusement equipment in a large space. So, investors a little to polish their eyes, do not because of greedy cheap and deceived.


Secondly, the material used for the equipment is also an important factor that affects the offer. Many investors have such doubts, I saw in other manufacturers and the exact same product but too much cheaper than Golody. This is like you see a dress on the ground, the dress either color or style is exactly the same as the mall, but the price is a world of difference. You are happy to get the stall goods, but also thought to take advantage of a great bargain. When you take things home to look at the details only to find that the stall goods whether workmanship or detailing are extraordinarily rough, the quality is also poor, and disposable supplies are no different. A piece of clothing does not cost a few dollars, the big deal is to buy another one. But the naughty fort is indeed often tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of millions of transactions, once the wrong choice, regret.


Naughty Fort is designed for children to create the playground, which is not the family’s treasure to spend here. Hsiu Jiang reminded investors, in the purchase of naughty fort equipment must focus on the quality of the product, do not because of greed for cheap and the purchase of inferior products. On the one hand, the naughty fort originally belongs to a one-time investment, long-term return of the industry. The longer the years of use, the more lucrative the return on investment. On the other hand, once the failure of the naughty fort will not only affect the interest of children playing and may even lead to accidents, not conducive to the long-term operation of the naughty fort.


In addition, with the projection technology and electric naughty fort equipment in general, the offer is relatively high. In recent years, with the continuous improvement and growth of the naughty castle market, manufacturers have added electric and projection elements to the traditional amusement equipment. These two types of amusement equipment are more attractive compared to traditional amusement equipment, relatively, the cost of construction is also higher. Naughty Fort investors can arrange the proportion of new amusement equipment and traditional amusement equipment according to the financial situation.


Then again, the naughty castle is composed of a play equipment children’s activity center, it is not fixed and unchanging. This advantage is not available in other industries. Operators who are not particularly well-funded in the early stages can let the designer set aside a small area in the overall planning, and then add new amusement equipment later when the funds are sufficient.












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