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How to make a quote for a children's playground?


Non-powered facilities children’s playground is a good investment project for many people, from the county to the city many people invest in children’s playground, non-powered facilities have many advantages, low maintenance costs, saving labor costs. It is a good investment project. How much does it cost to invest in the end? Each gives a different quote, so investors are confused, today Xiujiang to introduce the knowledge of non-powered facilities children’s playground for quotation.


Non-powered equipment manufacturers offer party generally has two ways, one according to the site offer, one according to the equipment offer.

First, according to the site square offer, the manufacturer will first send relevant personnel to the site for measurement, to understand the needs of investors as well as the intention, and then by the design staff to design, costing, comprehensive evaluation to calculate the approximate price. The specific price is generally only determined after the confirmation of the effects, of course, the choice of children’s play equipment is also based on the customer’s budget, generally there will not be much difference.

The second is to quote according to the demand for equipment, many customers want to make their own site has characteristics that can arouse the interest of children, the requirements of the equipment will be very high, but also require playability, ornamental, etc. In this way, manufacturers will choose the appropriate equipment according to your needs, as well as personalized effects of customization in accordance with the equipment + frame + toys + decoration program to quote, the fluctuation range of this offer will not have too much change, the increase or decrease in customer demand will have a great impact on the price and program.


There will be many investors responding to the same equipment, the price gap is also large, in fact, this gap is mainly because different materials will have a different impact on the site, these devices are for children, but manufacturers will not make a choice in materials, and reduce costs, which is not responsible for the performance of investors and children. In addition, the function of the equipment will also affect the price, the number of functions, and there will be a gap. As well as labor costs are factors that affect the price.







也会有很多投资人反应同样的设备,价格差距也大,其实这个差距主要是因为不同的材质会对场地有着不同的影响,这些设备都是给孩子们用的,但是厂家不会在材料上做选择, 而降低成本,这是对投资人和孩子不负责的表现。另外设备的功能也会影响价格,功能的多少,和会有差距。以及人工成本都是左右价格的因素。

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