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Children's naughty castle customization process


Everything is difficult at the beginning, and so is opening a naughty fortress children’s park. Where to buy naughty castle amusement equipment? What kind of naughty castle play equipment to buy? How to buy the equipment for transport and installation? Equipment failure how to maintain ……… For the first time contact naughty fortress investors, a variety of things often let them do not know where to start. In fact, open children’s naughty fort is not as complicated as imagined. It is the same as the renovation of the house, as long as you find a reassuring formal manufacturer, you wait for the opening of business can be. Here we will analyze the customization process of the children’s naughty fort Xioujiang.


1. Provide the site plan


Customers can provide their own site plan (Note: the plan must be clearly and accurately marked on the site length, width, height, with or without the column, the specific location of the column and the location of the entrance), you can also let us send professional staff free door-to-door measurement.


2. Manufacturers out of the design effect map


Our designers will design the effect according to your site specifications for free, and make appropriate adjustments to your requirements and opinions, and change until you are satisfied.


3.Determine the plan


Determine the design rendering, list the effect equipment list.


4. Calculate the quotation


Our quoters will calculate the price of the whole set of equipment according to the list of equipment for your quotation


5.Sign the contract


After consensus, the two sides signed a legally binding contract. Because the naughty castle is a custom product, the buyer needs to pay a 30% deposit after the plant to start production.


6. Production and delivery


For domestic customers, our company will send special trucks and delivery personnel free delivery. For foreign customers, we can provide international logistics and customs clearance services, or you can choose your own logistics company. We will provide complete certificates and customs clearance information, and choose the import customs code with the lowest tariff for your products.


7. Equipment installation


Our company will send trained and qualified installers to the customer’s site for installation, and the customer needs to provide food and accommodation for the installers.


8. Smooth opening


Pre-opening service guidance, can provide park activities, planning plans.


9. After-sales service


All equipment within one year of non-human damage, we will give free repair, man-made damage cost repair (excluding international logistics costs).


Xiujiang is a professional manufacturer of children’s naughty fort, the company since its inception in 2008, the design and development of marine theme style naughty fort, forest theme style naughty fort, candy theme style naughty fort and more than ten kinds of theme style naughty fort, thousands of products, cooperation with countless businesses, to help many entrepreneurs have achieved success. We look forward to your joining !!!!!





客户可以自己提供场地平面图(注:平面图上一定要清楚准确地 标注场地的长、宽、层高、有无柱子、柱子的具体位置以及入门的位置),也可以让我们派专业的工作人员免费上门测量。



































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