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For children under 3, which amusement equipment is suitable


Children under 3 years old are not yet school age, so parents tend to give their children a children’s park membership card and take them to play in the children’s park. However, children of this age do not yet have a sense of self-protection, and are prone to accidents of one kind or another in the process of playing. Parents must choose some suitable play equipment for their children, so as to effectively prevent accidents. So, which amusement equipment is more suitable for children under 3 years old to play?


Ocean ball pool


Ocean ball pools should be a good choice for younger children. Smooth spherical surface, good touch, countless ocean balls, bring children safe care. Ocean ball diameter 8CM, can effectively prevent children from swallowing. Just crawling baby can also play Oh!


Not only that, preschoolers play with the ocean ball there are many benefits you can not think of it! Seemingly simple grasping, holding, throwing and other actions can not only improve the accuracy of children’s movements, but also effectively enhance the strength of the hands. In addition, children can also learn to count, distinguish colors, classification and other skills in the process of playing with ocean balls.


Cassia seed sand pool


Cassia seeds have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, and feel cool and comfortable, especially for the hot summer. The sand pool is equipped with a variety of small shovels, small cars, small funnels and other small accessories, children can play with parents, but also with other children to play.


Play cassia sand pool not only can exercise children’s hand and eye coordination, but also can exercise the accuracy of hand movements. For children who do not yet know how to use chopsticks, playing cassia sand pool is very helpful for them to learn to use chopsticks!


The cassia sand pool has small particles, so parents must watch over their children while they play with cassia. For children who are too young, prevent them from swallowing cassia seeds. For children who are too naughty, prevent them from spilling cassia seeds to other children so that they do not enter the child’s body and cause internal organ inflammation and other dangers.




Influenced by the slide style and slope size, the degree of difficulty of the slide is not the same. Generally speaking, spiral slide, roller slide and slope too big slide are not suitable for children under 3 years old to play.


Children of this age visual is intuitive, they often want to climb up directly from the bottom of the slide, so as to reach the mouth of the slide. At this time, parents must stop in time, so that children are not hit by other sliding children. In addition, parents must take precautions to prevent children from the mouth of the slide or the middle of the slide directly fall down.


Electric soft toys


The beautiful background music, cool screen animation and the fun experience brought by the device rotating or swinging at an even speed, all these make the electric soft toys undoubtedly received the love of younger children.


The electric soft toys are of various shapes and types, including carousel, spinning cup, baby boat, coconut tree …….. And many other styles. After charging, the equipment will rotate at an even speed or swing back and forth, which can form a benign and effective stimulus for children, enriching the proprioceptive experience of younger children and promoting the healthy development of children’s nervous system.


In addition to the above, drilling holes, rainbow ladders, one-way bridges and other amusement equipment with low difficulty factors are also more suitable for younger children to play.


The Xiu Jiang warm tips, take the younger children to play in the children’s park, parents should pay attention to.


1, do not give children to wear clothing with straps, zippers, buttons and other decorations.


2, children under 1.5 years old, parents should remember to bring diapers.


3, give the child within reach to watch.


4、Do not take your child to the play area where there are more older children.








































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