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Boy's neck gets tangled in ropes at Winnipeg indoor playground – CTV News

An indoor playground in Winnipeg has removed the ropes from one of its slides after witnesses said a young boy was nearly strangled by one.
Maryann Kempe, who was at the Hide N Seek playground with her grandchildren, said she was terrified by last Friday’s incident. 
“I heard screams. And I looked up and I saw a little boy stuck in the ropes around his neck, like a noose,” she told CTV Winnipeg.
Hide N Seek said a seven-year-old boy was playing on top of the playground’s volcano slide, when another boy at the bottom pulled the ropes attached to the top of the structure. The boy at the top fell and a rope wrapped around his neck.
Hide N Seek said the boy was up and walking after the incident. The boy was taken to hospital, where he was assessed. 
The ropes have since been removed from the volcano slide, which bears signs saying that parent supervision is required.
“It just takes a second for one child to go the wrong way and get caught,” Kempe said. “I’m hoping that this is a call to action.” 
Parachute, an organization working to prevent child injuries, said there are national standards on children’s play spaces and equipment, but they are not enforced by law. 
“Standards are voluntary and not mandatory across Canada,” Parachute spokesperson Stephanie Cowle said.
Parachute urges parents to ask questions about the facilities they take their children to and be aware of any potential safety issues.
Hide and Seek said all of its structures were built and approved by engineers.
With a report from CTV Winnipeg’s Beth Macdonell
Witnesses say a young boy was nearly strangled by a rope on a slide in a Winnipeg indoor playground.
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