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Playground safety in extreme heat – WSAZ

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) – The playground is a hot spot for play, literally.
As temperatures soar and the sun beats down on plastic and metal, parents like Alesha Watts come prepared with a game plan.
“Pack the sunscreen, water, all those types of things and get him out for like 30 minutes,” Watts said. “Definitely can’t come down the slides during the summertime, but he enjoys just running around and playing in the sand.”
To keep playing outside a priority, Steve Murray, assistant director of Cabell County EMS, shares tips on how to do so safely.
“While they’re outside, make sure they’re in light-colored clothing that reflects the light. You don’t want constrictive, lots of layers of clothing. Also, lots of hydration while they’re outside playing. They [children] may not come to you, but you’ll have to come to them with the hydration. Also, sunscreen, while they’re outside — SPF 50 or greater, especially on their face, arms, any of those exposed areas but especially on their face,” Murray said.
Murray also says to keep a watchful eye for heat-related illness.
If your kids are sweating — that’s a good sign. However, if they stop sweating, that could lead to a medical emergency and could be a sign of heat exhaustion.
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