物流可以运到我的国家吗? 费用是怎样的? 货柜国内费用: 小柜4389元,大柜5529元 货柜国际价格查询: 登录5688.cn 拼箱价格以每立方计算, 约为货柜价1.2倍(含目的港费用, 为CIF报价) 我司可制作FTA关税特惠证, 详询销售 Can you ship to my country? Yes. You can check your shipping cost and time on the website:  https://ship.freightos.com . Here is the tutorial video: https://www.udemy.com/course/the-ultimate-guide-of-international-trade-in-2022/learn/lecture/35225440/?instructorPreviewMode=student_v4 Consult your sales and you can get a discount on the shipping cost. As a manufacturer that endeavours […]

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