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Dr Philipp Hummel, head of Sustainability at Schleich talks to Toy World about the company’s plans and ambitions.
Dr Philipp Hummel, head of Sustainability at Schleich, tells Toy World more about the company’s recently announced promise to make all its figurines either recyclable or biodegradable by 2027, how packaging plays a big role in Schleich’s plastic reduction goals, and why a commitment to the planet aligns with the company’s ethos.
“Sustainable play has always been firmly anchored in Schleich’s DNA,” says Philipp. “For over 85 years, we’ve been producing high-quality – and therefore long-lasting – toys with great attention to detail. Our figurines are timeless and therefore passed down from generation to generation: the longevity of our products reduces their ecological footprint very organically. But this isn’t enough for us. We want to meet our responsibility to children and their future on a healthy planet head-on. That’s why we’re transforming all areas of the company, making each one even more sustainable and further minimising our ecological footprint.”
Philipp explains to us what Cradle to Cradle certification entails and why it is such an important part of Schleich’s commitment to sustainability and encloses some of the feedback Schleich has received so far regarding the announcement.
Philipp elaborates on the role of packaging in the company’s sustainability efforts and how by the end of 2027, all Schleich figurines will be either recyclable or biodegradable. In addition, he tells us how Schleich is working hard to find recycled or bio-based materials for the future production of its toys, and the goal to reduce the company’s ecological footbprint.
Philippe concludes: “It’s a major challenge for the entire toy industry to find sustainable materials that meet the high levels of safety, quality, attention to detail and durability which plastic offers – but we’re confident Schleich is on the right track.”
To read Philipp’s full article which appears in the February issue of Toy World click here.
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