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FRANCE. At the TFWA World Exhibition last month, Ferrero Travel Market underlined its focus for 2024 – consolidating its position in gifting, developing its biscuits category and strengthening a commitment to sustainability. 
Gifting is a key purchase driver for travelling shoppers, and Ferrero recognises the potential for the confectionery sector to deliver gifting products for consumers of all ages. Among the innovations showcased by Ferrero in Cannes were the travel retail-exclusive Kinder Mix Koala, which contains a toy to attract young travellers.  
Ferrero Travel Market is targeting young travellers through playful packaging and plush toys
The toy combines play and learning with a QR code which gives users access to an augmented reality experience and educational content. 
The company developed the Kinder offer in travel retail debuting the Kinder Chocolate Pencil Case, which can be personalised to suit each user. Children can add a photo and stickers on it to create a gift for themselves. 
For young shoppers Ferrero introduced the Kinder Surprise Paw Patrol. Created in partnership with the children’s TV show, each pack includes 100% Paw Patrol toys. Travellers can collect the whole set and carry it around in a suitcase-shaped pack. 
Adults remain a vital part of Ferrero’s plans for travel retail and the company is leveraging the power of its Rocher brand with the Iconic Gift tin. This travel retail-exclusive stock keeping unit features a Ferrero Rocher golden tin that can be upcycled.
One side of the cardboard suitcase for the Kinder Surprise Paw Patrol can be used as a playset to conjure new stories
Last year, Ferrero moved into the biscuit category with the launch of La Biscotteria. At the Cannes event the company showcased Kinderini, which targets families travelling with young children. Its designs aim to create a positive sharing experience for all generations.  
This is the first Kinder experience available in a biscuit crafted with friable dough. Each piece is imbued with the signature Kinder taste and a playful touch with the eyes and mouth on the face design.
The 18 face designs are the focus of an engaging digital campaign rolled out alongside the launch. By accessing a dedicated gaming platform, shoppers can compete against friends and family to win by mimicking the face of their Kinderini against the clock.
The offer for retail partners from La Biscotteria is being further enhanced by the launch of Kinder Duo, Kinder Cards and Kinder Happy Hippo.  
The Kinder Chocolate Pencil Case takes the brand beyond the confectionery sector through a utilitarian lifestyle offering
Sustainability has never been more important to travelling shoppers, and Ferrero is working to create an offer to match demand. 
Ferrero Travel Market noted: “Everything we do is guided by our four pillars – protecting the environment, sustainably sourcing high quality ingredients, promoting responsible consumption and empowering people.  
“We have strong commitments to work on each of them to make our planet a better place to live. For this reason, all the brands present novelties with a more sustainable approach.” 
The Ferrero Rocher Iconic Gift is presented in a premium tin which can be upcycled. A QR code on the pack offers design and decoration suggestions to inspire consumers to create a gift that lasts.  
The Rocher brand is prioritising sustainable packaging with T30 and T16 boxes now eco-designed from polypropylene (PP), an easier-to-recycle material. 
The tins and packaging for the Kinder Mix Koala and Kinder Chocolate Pencil Case are also specially designed to be reused to reduce waste. Furthermore, the Kinder Surprise Paw Patrol comes with a cardboard suitcase with two re-usable features – one side can be transformed into a diorama to display the toys, while the other can be used as a playset to create Paw Patrol stories. 
Ferrero Travel Market General Manager Sergio Salvagno said: “Our return to Cannes this year was a complete success, and we were delighted to have the chance to share new innovations and products with our partners around the world. 
“Innovation and creating moments of joy are what we do at Ferrero and these new products, alongside our dedicated focus on sustainability and delivering memorable gifting experiences, will continue to enchant shoppers and drive growth for our partners in travel retail.”

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