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The expert attorneys of Hartman Global Intellectual Property (IP) Law have spent over 30 years protecting the creations, ideas, and brands of innovators around the world. From lone inventors and local entrepreneurs to multinational corporations and world-renowned universities – individuals and businesses of all kinds trust Hartman Global
We’ve dived deep into the history, creativity, and production of many of Hartman Global’s Clients:
Urschel Laboratories
Founded in Valparaiso more than a century ago, Urschel Laboratories is a global leader in food-cutting technology. The company’s machines process foods down into all shapes and sizes before they’re put into packaging and shipped off to grocery stores around the world. Its machines are used in more than 100 countries around the globe – so if you have a well-stocked pantry, odds are high that Urschel Laboratories played a role in helping fill it.
Vanair Mobile Power Solutions
Compressed air is often called “the fourth utility” as countless businesses around the world rely on it to power their tools and facilities. Vanair focuses on producing “Mobile Power Solutions” such as compressors, hydraulics, generators, and welders – tools that build roads, hospitals, and homes, that lay gas, water, and fiber lines, or even eliminate improvised explosive devices in conflicts overseas.
Purdue University
The students and faculty at Purdue University, as a collective, are one of the most innovative groups on the planet. Each year, the university files about 1,000 patent applications for creations ranging from children’s toys to biomarkers used to fight cancer.
Mermaid Straw
Owned by Lisa and Adam Harrington, Mermaid Straw is the result of turning a dream into reality. Lisa, bedridden due to a disease known as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), envisioned a lineup of reusable straws – steel, glass, and telescopic – that would help save the planet from the countless single-use plastics that wind up in its oceans and rivers. The couple’s work went viral, and they now sell a wide array of straws, drinkware, and flatware.
Belstra Milling Company
Dairies, swine farms, show animals, and even family pets around the world depend on Belstra Milling Company’s brands of feed. Cattle, horses, rabbits, chickens, goats, swine, and more from Indiana to South Korea are all raised on feed produced at Belstra’s DeMotte mill – which was named the 2021 Premix/Ingredient Feed Facility of the Year by the American Feed Industry Association. The company also operates one of Northwest Indiana’s largest family and employee-owned pig farms, with their goal being to “help feed the world.”

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