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When you’re 140 years old, reinvention is integral to staying relevant. That’s why Grand & Toy, which supplies businesses with office-related products and services, has just announced its reintroduction with its “Give Work Life” positioning – what it calls a “fresh perspective for the evolving workplace.” The refresh officially launches on Apr. 10.
Part of the brand’s reintroduction, which focuses primarily on its mission and mandate, is a multichannel campaign rooted in the insight that Canadians crave a work environment that feels like home. Under the new platform, Grand & Toy aims to create an atmosphere where the feeling of home translates to the office. The campaign reflects the company’s ambition to make work a connected, people-first experience, reminding Canadians that there’s as much joy to be felt in their work lives as there is in the rest of their lives.
“We see now as the perfect time to reintroduce Grand & Toy to Canada because the world of work has changed, opening a whole new window of opportunity for our brand,” says Samira Amin, director of marketing at Grand & Toy. “We see this as a continuation of our story.”
The pandemic served as a prompt for the business to respond to the changing needs of customers and their employees. “We saw an opportunity to highlight our unique difference as a one-stop-shop for businesses, offering not only office supplies but also technology services, network security, cleaning solutions, hygiene programs, custom furniture options and more,” says Amin. “With this refresh, we are proud to position ourselves as a holistic provider of everything that businesses need to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving workspace.”
The brand’s repositioning has been in the works since November 2022. Grand & Toy worked with creative agency DDB to dig deeper into research and insights that would help create a clear direction and platform.
DDB examined a mix of consumer, category, connection, company and culture to reframe status quo thinking and the narrative around Grand & Toy’s strengths. “For example, many brands in the B2B space treat their target as one-dimensional, and ultimately, more as an impersonal ‘business’ entity vs. speaking to the people at the business who make the decisions. DDB wanted to challenge that thinking and bring the human element back into the equation,” says Amin.
After a series of conversations about what Grand & Toy represents today and what it wants to be known for in the future, as well as understanding the B2B consumer and the broader cultural context, plus layering in stakeholder suggestions from interviews and industry research, “Give Work Life” was born. “With this refresh, you’ll see we are acknowledging people, their experiences, and unique needs,” says Amin.
And while Grand & Toy’s positioning might be new, its approach to deep research methods are not. “Our products and offerings are driven by industry research and direct customer feedback. We frequently conduct user testing with our day-to-day customers to identify areas for improvement,” says Amin. “We are continuing to move away from the one-size-fits all mentality and working with our customers to offer solutions that fit the unique needs of their business. With a 99% customer retention rate, we’re invested in our customers and focused on providing customized solutions that work for our customers and their workplaces.”
What’s more, the brand has also pioneered its own e-commerce platform which allows it to meet the needs of its 30,000 customers by constantly listening, experimenting and refining its approach, offerings and features.
But it also wants to drive home that adapting to needs doesn’t mean it’s not dependable. “The story we want to tell from this is that the Grand & Toy that many Canadians may have an affinity to is still here, and we have held onto our values of innovation, integrity and accountability in how we service our customers,” says Amin. “This refresh is a perfect example of how we continue to challenge ourselves to drive the next wave of growth. We believe that it comes at a critical time when companies are rethinking how they work, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this movement, providing innovative solutions that make “Give Work Life” for every business and its people,” says Amin.
“Give Work Life” includes a combination of digital, out-of-home and social content as well as print and public relations. Grand & Toy partnered with DDB for brand platform development, Underdog Studio for social media and creative development, Proof Strategies for public relations and narrative development, and Reprise Media for media needs.
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