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As head of of Product – Commercial, Greg Stanton aims to bring everyone at Asmodee together and to constantly challenge and improve with innovation.
Greg Stanton will take over the marketing, purchasing and quality assurance teams at Asmodee. Forming part of the company’s leadership team, his new title is head of Product – Commercial. This newly created role is part of the latest innovative thinking and planning from Asmodee as the company works to increase its visibility and awareness on the high-street, with the consumer and increasingly with hobbyists and on-line gamers.
Greg has been working with Asmodee for the past three years concentrating on eCommerce within the business and heading up work with Amazon across Europe. His knowledge of retail and sales in general covers almost twenty-five years and takes in retail giants like Mothercare, Kiddicare and, of course, Amazon.
Greg commented: “This new company role will mean that information is shared across the teams much earlier and means that all parts of the creation to delivery are more collaborative.”
This is the first time that Asmodee has combined the roles of marketing and purchasing.
“Historically purchasing and marketing have always wanted to be more integrated,” Greg continued, “and this new role sets this out perfectly. Now we are encouraging a wider thinking and a better insight for all, to enhance the brand, product development and retail/consumer offering even more. I am both delighted and privileged to head up such an amazing team of experts and such a fabulous portfolio of brands.”
Only a month into the job, Greg has already seen the development of the Dobble brand in to mainstream consumer lifestyle activity, at Thorpe Park, and is planning a number of major initiatives that will see Asmodee games partner with more well known family brands and offerings.
“We plan to be more innovative and more acquisitive of joint ventures to help our awareness,” he added. “However, we remain in pursuit of our mantra which is ‘more people playing more games more often’ – that hasn’t changed, but what has is the way we will deliver even more to our brands, our partners and our ‘gamers’ be they family, first time players or super serious competitors.”
Although Greg has been part of the Asmodee Group for some time, he said this role will bring him to the heart of Asmodee UK. “I want the UK team to be more collaborative and to get better and better at our route to market, to massively improve that journey,” he explained. “It’s going to be my job to bring everyone together and to constantly challenge and improve, always being innovative in everything we do – and it’s going to be a huge fun game in itself.”
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