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Moose partnered with Disturbed Media for the Beast Lab launch, where innovative tech met the innovative toy to create disruptive ‘holographic’ public experiences in the capital.
Moose Toys has partnered with Disturbed Media Group to showcase what it is billing as this season’s hottest toy, Beast Lab, in a series of public HyperGram holographic experiences across London this month.
Beast Lab is a first-of-its-kind interactive playset that engages kids in an experiment-based process as they create their own beast: a shark-inspired electronic action figure.
Using the latest Holographic technology, Beast Lab has been brought to life using ultra-HD quality holographic projections. As part of the brand’s ‘Unleash Your Beast- Save the World’ marketing campaign, the projections reveal the Beast Lab chamber floating mid-air, with the action figures seeming 3-dimensional.
“Using new-age tech to celebrate the launch of Beast Lab was the perfect execution to add into our Unleash Your Beast marketing mix,” said Maddi Tiscoe, head of UK Marketing, Moose Toys. “Beast Lab is a toy that’s breaking new ground, using innovation to put kids at the centre of the creation process – ‘saving the world’ by creating and unleashing their own beast. Using a disruptive, effective, engaging type of media like HyperGram to bring this brand experience to life, has implemented further our ‘world saving’ initiative.
Between 9th – 11th October, the first HyperGram tech activation took place at King’s Cross Station. The next event will be between 10am – 9pm at Westfield London, White City on 20th – 22nd October.
Beast Lab has launched with a 360-marketing plan to bring the brand to life including: original content, TV advertising, public relations, social, influencer and digital executions. The series of UK launch events will also include a Seaboard City integration across Roblox, where kids can play exclusively in the game to create their beasts to save Seaboard City. The game integration will be revealed by British gaming influencer Ethan Gamer on Sunday 22nd October.
To create their Beast Lab beast, kids activate the creator chamber and initiate the experiment with a simulated finger scan to begin a human-beast connection. Step by step, they add ingredients to the chamber, until it’s time to drain the chamber and unleash the beast.
Emerging in the ultimate reveal is either Mayhem Megashark or Havoc Hammerhead. Each fully articulated electronic action figure is ready for action-packed battle with a weapon to attach to its arm and a spring-loaded power punch.
Beast Lab is available now. To find out more, see here, visit the website or contact Moose Toys on 01637 882 200.
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