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What really makes a desk stand out to me is the collection of stationery items placed on top of it (and also the manner in which they are placed). The true value and efficiency of your desk lie in the smart assortment of designs you adorn it with – these are after all the objects that are gonna help you get through your workday, and directly or indirectly affect your productivity. It’s imperative to have a collection that really lets you work easily, efficiently, and effectively. And, we’ve curated a collection of innovative and nifty stationery designs that you must own! From an everlasting all-metal pencil to minimal Japanese drawing pads – these are the modern stationery designs you need to meet your modern stationery needs.

Named the Note, this compact desk whiteboard allows you to take notes with complete and total efficiency. It isn’t your everyday ordinary note taker, it has a few exciting tricks up your sleeve!
The “whiteboard” twists or flips over, giving you twice the space to write down your notes. One side can have a dotted grid surface to help with diagrams, while the other can be plain, or they can have the same design on both sides. As with any vertical slate, you can also place sticky notes on it, in case scribbling notes down on paper is quicker for you.

Funno is anything but your typical pencil sharpener. In fact, the unique stationery design is in the form of a small cylinder, which makes it quite uncommon anyway.
What really sets it apart is the lustrous sheen that makes it look more like a priceless desk decoration than something that cuts through wood and gets dirtied by black graphite.

Dubbed the Everlasting Metal Pencil, this Wacom-like style has a tip that doesn’t need any replacing or sharpening. The innovative pencil allows you to focus on the creative process entirely.
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The octagonal shaft is made of aluminum and houses a special alloy core. Knowing that, you might think that all it will do is leave heavy grooves on your paper, but your mind might be blown away when it draws like a real pencil without seeing the tip wear down even after dozens of marks.

One look at the World Clock, and you know it’s not your typical desk or shelf clock! The unique clock features a dodecagonal shape, and it only has one hand on its minimalist face.
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The design is intentional because it gives you just the right information you need when you want to know what time it is in another part of the world. With a quick look, you’ll be able to immediately tell the hour, and a closer inspection could even tell you which quarter of the hour it is.

The Horizon Helvetica® is an artist-oriented piece of EDC that is meant to be an alternative to conventional stationery kits, and it has a new companion this year called the Horizon Key®.
The Horizon Key® is a keychain-friendly multitool that not only looks, but also functions as a scale, a hex wrench, a bottle opener, a basic protractor, a flat-head screwdriver, a mini-saw, and a wire ripper.

This modular picture frame concept has multiple functionalities at the same time. It enhances the design’s appeal by utilizing a material that embodies and represents long-lasting memories.
It is made from marble, which leaves a lasting impression, and is a fitting metaphor for memorializing someone, something, or some memory in a photo. It’s an admittedly heavier material, but that also lends some stability to the frame.

The Grovemade Note-Taking Kit is the ideal product to effortlessly and efficiently capture, process, and store your notes.
Grovemade’s Note-Taking Kit is essentially a refillable notepad with dot grid paper and a solid metal base, accompanied by a display rail to hold and accommodate your notes and devices, as well as a vertical organizer that will store your notes until you’re ready to use them – this keeps your workspace neat and tidy in the meantime.

Dubbed Wipe, this unique and innovative whiteboard notebook features its own eraser allowing you to write, erase, and write over and over again!
Wipe takes this simplicity and cuts it down to a smaller and more personal size that’s a little bit smaller than A4 paper. Despite the more portable size, the idea is still the same. You write on it, take a photo that you could save or send to the cloud, erase it, and write again. It’s fast, simple, and doesn’t require preparation, just like good, old paper.

This woodworking wonder is called the ONEBOX, and it combines multiple different tools into an intriguing interlocking Jenga-like structure, using the same traditional mortise and tenon jointing technique seen for centuries in large-scale buildings in ancient times.
When assembled, the ONEBOX looks just like any ordinary wooden box. Pull the pieces apart and you discover that each piece is, in fact, a stationery tool or fidget toy.

The Japanese Drawing Pad is a simple yet beautiful pad that allows those brilliant ideas in your head to get flowing. The clean black canvas pulls the ideas out of your mind, while the sturdy texture of the paper functions as an anchor for your brain.
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It is perfect for sketching art, creating designs, and any other creative pursuit, accepting your ideas and your mistakes with the serenity and openness of a blank page.
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