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INTERNATIONAL. Mondelez World Travel Retail (WTR) and The Moodie Davitt Report have named Victorinox Head of Global Travel Retail & Fragrance Sales Gloria Dix as winner of a recent month-long #TRMaderight sustainability campaign-related travel retail competition.
Dix minimised the carbon footprint of her Zürich-based team by creating a carpool scheme (pictured below) that reduces both carbon emissions and fuel costs.
Her entry received top marks from judges as it ticked all the boxes in terms of sustainability and social engagement. By carpooling to the Victorinox office, Dix and team not only lessened the amount of cars on the road, but also created a fun way to interact with their colleagues on the way to work.
As reported, Mondelez WTR and The Moodie Davitt Report ran a month-long social media campaign that encouraged travel retail industry stakeholders to embrace sustainable practices. It ran from 5 June to coincide with World Environment Day on that date.
Gloria Dix and the Victorinox team show how carpooling can help minimise road congestion, carbon emissions and fossil fuels in a fun and social way
As the winner of the TRMaderight competition, a donation will be made to Mondelez WTR’s Ghana Mobility Initiative (Tricycle Project) on behalf of Dix and the Victorinox team.
In addition, Dix wins a special hamper containing a wide selection of confectionery treats from Mondelez WTR’s portfolio of brands including:
The Ghana Mobility Initiative is a collaboration between the Mondelez World Travel Retail team, Cocoa Life, and Child Rights International. It centres on providing tricycles for local Ghanaian cocoa communities with the aim of enhancing mobility for children and small businesses.
Victorinox Junior Sales Manager Travel Retail & Fragrances EMEA Seraina Henny talks about how the Victorinox team make their daily coffee runs more sustainable by bringing their own reusable cups.

The Moodie Davitt Report Managing Director Matt Willey makes giving back to the environment a family affair by creating a kitchen garden. The Willey family grow their own vegetables and herbs, which is not only cost-effective but also represents a much smaller carbon footprint than store-bought produce.
Luggage Point Customer Service Lead Hazel Caldeira shows how the luggage-wrapping company practices what it preaches in terms of sustainability. Luggage Point uses recyclable and biodegradable cups that biodegrade, without any harmful microplastics, in two years.
The Moodie Davitt Report Brands Director Hannah Tan-Gillies is often seen wearing vividly-coloured suits at industry events. However, instead of shopping fast-fashion, she shops pre-loved and for brands that boast strong sustainable principles. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the planet, but there are ways for fashion lovers to shop consciously too.
Miss Coco, the beloved four-legged pal of The Moodie Davitt Report Publisher Irene Revilla, shows that style and sustainability can go hand-in-hand with her eco-friendly dog toys and accessories.
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The Moodie Davitt Report Associate Editor Colleen Morgan — and her twin sons Stamatis and Antonis — prove that adopting sustainable practices can be a family affair. In partnership with Lepia Dive Centre, Stamatis and Antonis have been cleaning up dive sites in Rhodes throughout the summer months, while Colleen brings a reusable aluminium bottle wherever she goes.

The Moodie Davitt Report Research Director Jess Allerton shows how she balances work with life and green practices with a subscription to sustainable food company Mindful Chef.

Mondelez World Travel Retail Communications, PR & Events Trainee Francesca Casci shows how she foregoes the use of single-use plastic supermarket bags. Instead, she uses a sustainable tote bag from Mondelez for her regular grocery trips.
Metropapeltijera Digital Strategist Yasmin Lara opts for a colourful coffee mug at work instead of single-use plastic bottles or disposable paper cups
The Moodie Davitt Report Publisher Irene Revilla always travels with a reusable water bottle in hand
Enviro-Point Business Development Director Graeme Stewart sent an excellent example of sustainable action from Luggage-Point, which is utilising the world’s first bio-transformation bag wrap by Enviro-Point.
Commenting on the initiative, Stewart said: “All other wraps are ‘recyclable’, or at best ‘degradable’ and leave micro plastics in the environment. Our solution provides the lowest carbon footprint, can be recycled and acts as a failsafe if no recycling is available.”
Enviro-Point’s recyclable and biodegradable bag is made with self-destructing plastic technology and returns to nature once used
The women of The Moodie Davitt Report have taken up Mondelez WTR’s challenge to adopt greener practices by sharing the small steps they are taking to minimise their carbon footprint. The Moodie Davitt Report Brands Director Hannah Tan-Gillies foregoes the use of plastic bottles for a reusable one throughout her travels; Assistant Editor Ameesha Raizada upcycles waste into fun art projects; while Publisher Irene Revilla opts for eco-friendly refill options for her haircare products.
Subscriptions and Administration Manager Kristyn Branisel also highlighted the fact that The Moodie Davitt Report is published on eco-friendly paper and we call on all our friendly travel retail B2B media peers to do the same.
(Top left to bottom) Hannah Tan-Gillies, Kristyn Branisel, Irene Revilla and Ameesha Raizada shares how they are minimising their own carbon footprints as part of the #TRMadeRight campaign

Duty free retailers, airports, airlines and brands across travel retail celebrated World Environment Day (5 June) with campaigns, contests and pledges on social media. We have shortlisted some of our favourites as part of our campaign with Mondelez WTR.

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