Worst dog-fouling spots in UK revealed where owners aren't cleaning up after their pets – The Mirror

Councillors is Edinburgh, Scotland, have wasted little time after the problem of dog mess soared in the city and they want to use DNA analysis to catch the inconsiderate dog owners
The very worst places where dog owners refuse to clean up after their pets has been revealed.
Edinburgh in Scotland came top of the poo pile and in response, councillors announced they plan to use DNA analysis to catch those who allow their animals to foul and not do anything about it. Manchester and Sunderland sit second and third place in the study of offences taking place in play areas, parks, streets, allotments and even a school.
According to Keep Britain Tidy, there are estimated to be more than eight million dogs producing more than 1,000 tonnes of mess every day in the UK alone. Online searches for ‘how to report dog fouling’ have also risen by 29 per cent over the last three months, research shows.
Birmingham, Glasgow and Dundee all get unwanted places high on the list, with London's worst area Camden. Analysing Freedom of Information requests sent to all City, District and Borough Councils in the UK, Everypaw Pet Insurance found that the UK’s worst place for dog fouling is Scotland's capital. With a total of 23,803 dog fouling service requests, officially have swung into action.
They are attempting to stop canines from leaving mess behind by setting up 'a dog DNA register for the city' – just like in French town of Béziers which piloted a scheme for dog owners to carry their companion’s 'genetic passport'. Dog owners will be required to take their pets to a vet for a free saliva sample, which will be genetically tested.
Dr Anna Foreman's, Everypaw’s in-house vet, highlighted the dangers of dog fouling and given advice on how to safely dispose of it, including using biodegradable bags and washing with water to dilute contamination. She said: "Dog faeces contains bacteria, and may contain parasites, which can be transmitted to humans, other dogs, and other animals.

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"Parasites include worms and protozoal parasites such as Giardia. A particularly dangerous worm is toxocara, which can cause blindness and other neurological problems. If a dog has a viral condition such as parvovirus, this can also be transmitted to other dogs. Biodegradable bags should ideally be used.
"The waste should be disposed of in a dog waste bin if an owner is out and about, and at home in the outdoors waste bin, not the green waste bin. Dog faeces can also be composted at home. It is not recommended to flush dog poo down the toilet as it can contain parasites harmful to human health which can survive the water treatment process."
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